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Oihane Amurrio (Bilbao, 1996) is an artist and educator. She studied Fine Arts at UPV-EHU and then specialized in social innovation and entrepreneurship at Mondragon Team Academy. She is co-founder and educator in LEINN Arts, bachelor's degree developed together with Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Traveling University and Last Tour.

She has shown her artistic creation in La Lonja (Logroño, 2021), San Andrés de Muga (Labastida, 2020), Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh, 2019), Torrezabal Kultur Etxea (Galdakao, 2019), Club Deseo (Bilbao, 2019), Bilbaoarte (Bilbao, 2018), Sala Amadís (Madrid, 2017), Galería Cosmos (Bilbao, 2016), Bizkaia Aretoa (Bilbao, 2016) or Espacio Open (Bilbao, 2016).

She has received the Visual Arts award by the Basque Government (2019); Maker ekintzaile residency by Fab Lab Bilbao (2020) and Eskualdea residency by the Basque Museum-Center of contemporary art Artium (2019-2020).

Oihane also has participated in different international programs such as intervention in the United Nations by Maat for Peace, Development, and Human Rights in Geneva (2019); collaboration with Scottish Design Exchange in Edinburgh (2019); and Africa Basque Challenge program in Nairobi (2018).


_ Education

2023-Ongoing_ Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies by Athabasca University (Canada)

2021-2022 _ International Executive Program in Team Coaching and Learning Facilitation by Mondragon University

2014-2018 _ Degree in Fine Arts at the UPV-EHU

_Experience in creative industries

2019-Ongoing_ Official Degree in Entrepreneurship Leadership in Innovation in Art and Creative and Cultural Industries (LEINN Arts) (Bilbao - Berlin)

  • Educational program design and implementation

  • Strategic collaborations

  • Co-founder

2019_ The Scottish Design Exchange (Edinburgh)

  • Production of training programs

  • Accompanying artists

2017-2018_ Independent publisher consonni (Bilbao)

  • Accompaniment in the production of events

  • Support in the logistics of the editorial

  • Content creation for website and social media

2016-2018_ Nuffart Collective (Bilbao)

  • Exhibition curator

  • Organization of artistic collective


_ Artistic experience

2021_ Solo exhibition The Traumed Body in the Non-Space. La Lonja (Logroño)

2020_ Performance The Traumed Body in the Space. San Andrés de Muga (Labastida)

2019 _ Collective exhibition Sa-lon, suckers. Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh)

2019 _ Solo exhibition Final Gallery Fantasy. Torrezabal Kultur Etxea (Galdakao)

2019 _ Collective exhibition Club Deseo. Hibernando studios (Bilbao)

2018 _ Heterotextile collective exhibition. Bilbaoarte (Bilbao)

2017 _ Collective exhibition Estudio_Escritorio curated by Antonio Ferreira within the Injuve Creation Program. Sala Amadís (Madrid)

2016 _ Solo exhibition Bodies. Labastida cultural center (Álava)

2015_ Solo exhibition Bodies. Zutik Zentroa (Bilbao)


_ Awards

2020 _ Maker Ekintzaile Artistic Production Grant by FabLab Bilbao

2019-2020 _ Eskualdea creation grant by the Basque Center-Museum of Contemporary Art Artium

2019-2020 _ Plastic Arts production grant from the Biscay Provincial Council

2018-2019 _ ABC Program (Africa Basque Challenge) in Nairobi (Kenya)


_ Further training

Feminist economics and ecofeminisms in the era of the capitalocene by Traficantes de Sueños (12h)

Curating on the web imparted by Marialaura Ghidini and Gaida Tedone (5h)

"Etorkizunak prototipatuz" on participatory artistic mediation at the Juan Manuel Sánchez Marcos Public School, developed by TIPI (20h)

The damaged vision: rethinking photography as a civil contract by Ixone Sádaba. (24h)

Basque Women Artists by Isabel López. (6h)

Art criticism and cultural edition (UPV-EHU) by Marisol Salanova. (10h)

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