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Oihane Amurrio is an artist, educator, and cultural entrepreneur. Within her artistic practice, she uses the medium of performance and installations to reflect on the codes that build the subjectivities of the artists. In her artistic research, both theoretical and practical, she works in dialogue with feminist theories on identities and body constructions. One of the artist’s main interests is to put artistic and cultural practices at the centre of ecofeminist conversations.

In this way and in line with her vision, since 2020 she has combined artistic creation with cultural entrepreneurship in the Tazebaez cooperative. Being the co-founder of LEINN Arts, the university degree in Social Entrepreneurship and leadership in Art and Creative Industries. Its main objective is to provide a voice and tools to marginalised profiles in the creative industries until now.

In her role as an educator within programs such as LEINN Ars or Kultura Aurrera, she trains in collaborative learning and puts focus on the process and learning by doing methodology. Oihane understands her role as an educator from the creation of learning spaces.

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