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In my role as an educator in Traveling University (part of the TAZEBAEZ cooperative) and Mondragon Team Academy (part of the Mondragon cooperative University), one of the fundamental pillars is to facilitate collaborative learning spaces. This methodology is based on dialogue, active listening and community work to create knowledge, both individual knowledge and common knowledge. Switching the learning methodology that goes from an active subject (teacher) to passive subjects (students), implementing a learning model where knowledge is bidirectional.

Since 2019, I have been part of the creator and executor team in charge of implementing this methodology in different artistic learning spaces. As part of this theoretical and practical research, since 2020 the methodology has been implemented with young people from different backgrounds within the LEINN Arts degree.

As key elements of the learning process, pillars are identified such as empathy and diversity; personal care and development; learning by doing; critical thinking; and artistic experimentation. For this, the main working tools are dialogues, active listening and learning based on experience.

More information:

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