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HELENA GOÑI (low)-14.jpg

Image by Helena Goñi


Production year: 2019-2020

Type of work: performance

Duration: 45 min

Location: Ruins of the Convent of San Andrés de Muga, Labastida

Music composition: Nasim López-Palacios

Performers: Ainhoa Urmeneta, Alex Do Carmo, Anzhelika Pankova, Itxaso Sánchez, Jon Ander Muñoz, Nasim López-Palacios, Samuel Garnica and Thais Martínez.

Photographers: Helena Goñi and Gert Voor in't Holt

Drone recording: Kairos TC

Production: Work produced thanks to Eskualdea by the Basque Center-Museum of Contemporary Art ARTIUM

This project confronts the vital, emotional and visceral space of the body with its negation, by proposing to act as an image, support for a sensation, an element of architecture. The piece opens up to multiple interpretations in which the history of the place, the cultural heritage and the expectations of the call are plotting the reading.

A performance act activated at daybreak, at the moment in which the detail becomes a sensation and concept, and the bells of the Labastida church, with their atavistic sound, accompany a piece of electronic music made for the occasion by Nasim López-Palacios.

Text by Enrique Martinez Goikoetxea

Images by Helena Goñi

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