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Pictures by Helena Goñi


Production year: 2019-2020

Type of work: performance

Duration: 45 min

Location: Ruins of the Convent of San Andrés de Muga, Labastida

Music composition: Nasim López-Palacios

Performers: Ainhoa ​​Urmeneta, Alex Do Carmo, Anzhelika Pankova, Itxaso Sánchez, Jon Ander Muñoz, Nasim López-Palacios, Samuel Garnica and Thais Martínez.

Photographers: Helena Goñi and Gert Voor in't Holt

Drone recording: Kairos TC

Production: Work produced thanks to Eskualdea by the Basque Center-Museum of Contemporary Art ARTIUM

This project confronts the vital, emotional and visceral space of the body with its negation, by proposing to act as an image, a support for a sensation, an element of an architecture. The piece opens up to multiple interpretations in which the history of the place, the cultural heritage and the expectations of the call are plotting the reading.

A performance act activated at daybreak, at the moment in which the detail becomes a sensation and concept, and the bells of the Labastida church, with their atavistic sound, accompany a piece of electronic music made for the occasion by Nasim López-Palacios.

Text by Enrique Martínez Goikoetxea

More information about the project here.

Pictures by Helena Goñi