oihane amurrio <3

Oihane Amurrio

(Bilbao, 1996)


2014-2018_Fine Arts at the UPV-EHU

       2018_Talentia Award (best record) Provincial Council of Biscay


2019_Group exhibition Studio Visit: Jenny. Cortes Uno (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2019_Group exhibition Sa-lon, suckers. Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh, UK)

2019_Solo exhibition Final Gallery Fantasy. Torrezabal Kultur Etxea (Galdakao, Basque Country)


2019_Group exhibition Club deseo (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2018_ Group exhibition Heterotextil. Bilbaoarte (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2018_Group exhibition #Artibistak curated by Espacio Artemisa. Aula joven (Portugalete, Basque Country)


2017_ Group exhibition Estudio_Escritorio curated by Antonio Ferreira inside the programme Creación Injuve. Sala Amadís (Madrid, Spain)


2016_ Group exhibition Feria de navidad. Galería La Cosmos (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2016_ Solo exhibition Nuffart Collective. Bizkaia Aretoa (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2016_ Group exhibition: Maite Pinto, Cris P. Lareo, Oihane Amurrio. La estación de Neguri (Getxo, Basque Country)


2016_ Group exhibition Festival Explora. Espacio Open (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2016_ Solo exhibition Cuerpos.  Centro cultural de Labastida (Álava, Basque Country)


2016_ Group exhibition ArteinVisible. Dock (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2015_ Solo exhibition at Zutik Zentroa (Bilbao, Basque Country)


2020_Maker Ekintzaile grant from Fab Lab Bilbao

2019_Cultural Sharing program by the EU in Athens

2019-2020_Eskualdea grant from the Basque Museum-Center for Contemporary Art Artium

2019-2020_Visual Arts Grant from the Biscay Government

2019_Collaboration with the Scottish Design Exchange in Edinburgh

2018-2019_ABC (Africa Basque Challenge) program in Nairobi (Kenya)



2018_1st  award at Bilbao European Schools Zinema Fest (Nuffart Collective)

2018_ 1st award at  BItaBE (emergent talents in video and cinema) (Nuffart Collective)

2017_Selected in Prezinebi, Teatro Campo Elíseos (Bilbao, Basque Country) (Nuffart Collective)

2016_ 1st award at Bizikletarte (Nuffart Collective)

2016_1st award ArteInvisible by Solidarters



2019-2020_Art direction and stylist in Suave music project

2018-2019_Art direction and designer in the eco-fashion brand VAA, based in Bilbao and Kenya

2018_Jenny Blowcam  project with the artists Aitziber Escudero and Markos Sagasti

       2018_Artistic residency in Histeria Kolektiboa

       2018_Interactive installation in UPV-EHU

2017-2018_Funding Haran collective with the musicians Nasim López-Palacios and Pau Torres

       2018_Performance in Gau Irekia festival, Bilbao

       2018_Performance in Lugaritz, Donostia

       2017_Self-managed residencies in Narbarte, Navarra

2017-2018_Curator of Behold:. UPV-EHU

       2018_Management of Edu Hurtado´s workshos Lost in Translation inside the exhibition          

       2017_Zabbaalik award, UPV-EHU

2017-2018_Collaboration with the social media management and art production in the independent art publisher consonni

2015_Founding of Nuffart collective, with the artist Aitziber Escudero

       2016-2017_Curators of Exposición alumnxs- Ikasleen Erakusketa, BBAA, UPV-EHU         

       2017_Zabbaalik award to the exhibition Exposición Alumnxs – Ikasleen Erakusketa

       2016_Fashion Film for Javier Barroeta


_Additional formation

2019_Talentia Challenge program with Tecuni. 6 months

2018_Workshop Heterotextil: the textile as significant part of the artistic project imparted by Malús Arbide and Beruta. Bilbaoarte. 50h


2018_ Workshop of experimental cinema: the political in the poetical with Rachel Monosov and Vera Rosa Maria. Bilbaoarte. 12h


2018_ Workshop Displaced Bodies imparted by Gabriel Villota Toyos. Azkuna Zentroa. 9h


2017_Workshop Damaged sight: re-thinking the photography as a civil contract imparted by Ixone Sádaba. Bilbaoarte. 24h


2017_ Workshop Basque Women Artists imparted by Isabel López. 18h


2016_ Workshop Art critic and cultural edition imparted by Marisol Salanova. UPV-EHU. 10h


2016_ Workshop Cultural Management imparted by Zitek. UPV-EHU. 8h